The Maturity of a Thirteen Year Old Boy

“Don’t let him decide!”
“Be the parent!”
“Go back on your word!”
“He’ll get over it!”

This was the advice I was given, time and time again, about whether or not to let Nathan choose where he wanted to live Continue reading

Next in Line: Cutting in front of people at the grocery store

Last night, I stayed up till midnight to celebrate my sobriety date, and here it is, almost midnight again, and I’m barely writing about it.

Every year, I seem to write about how I never think about drinking, but this year’s been different because of the last few months.

Lately, I don’t really write about how I’m feeling because, one, I’m married, and, two, I haven’t felt very positive, but to give you a little insight, here was my day, yesterday (the 23rd). Continue reading

Community Breaks Down Walls

[Written on July 22nd. Normally, I’m better at keeping up with my website, but the day before I wrote this (so Thursday, 7/21/16), we “finally” got a dining room table, so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were late-night game nights, and the lack of sleep threw me off, so today, I’m catching up with you (or allowing you to catch up with me).]

Walls…they’re good for supporting a home, protecting, and dividing, but they’re also good for separating. Continue reading

One by One

[written yesterday, 7/13/16]

This morning, I decided to go to the park near my house to pick up trash. Earlier this week, I’d posted some pictures of the area and had asked if anyone wanted to help but never received any feedback, so I just went, and it was bitter sweet.

I’d planned to go “early” morning but missed my alarm, so I didn’t get there until about 7:40 am, which, here in Texas, is already hot.

In case I ran into anyone wanting to help, I took some extra gloves and bags, but as I pulled into the park and realized there were already many people there, I assumed I wouldn’t need to carry the extras and began picking up trash where I parked, continuing on towards the fence.

By the time I’d reached the fence, I was worn out: I didn’t realize how tiring it was to pick up trash. No wonder no one wanted to help! Moving around in this heat was a little bit different than what I’m used to, and I’d forgotten water but figured I’d only be out there an hour or so. Well, it turns out an hour or so is quite awhile in this weather.

About a third of the way down the fence, I’d started getting light-headed and wanted to be done, but every time I’d wanted to quit, I’d turn back and look at what I’d accomplished, which motivated me to keep going forward. I’m not gonna lie: it was A LOT of work, but it wouldn’t’ve been so bad with more people (hint-hint).

In the end, I almost filled up a 30 gallon trash bag, and as I sought out a trash can that’d hold it, a man came up, thanked me for picking up trash, and gave me a tennis ball he’d found. That made my morning!

Anyway, I’m posting the pictures from when I’d wanted to quit because I thought it was neat how looking back at what I’d done motivated me to move forward in what I needed to do.

Here’s the area beforehand.

“Heaven’s Menu”

[written 7/10/16]

there’s something about laughter
that brings the enemy down

I picture laughter
sounding like
nails on a chalkboard
to the enemy

when we got to Texas
depression was heavy
lingering above us
dripping in our minds

one by one
we were silent
consumed with the sound
of the drip

one by one
we pulled out of it
and turned off
the spout

except Nathan

he’s been so sad
through it all

until last night

waiting at Denny’s for food
but being fed by Heaven
all it took
was one incident

and we were rolling!

abs sore
tears falling
laughter rising

Nathan came home
a different person
and Snapchat viewers
got a few laughs

I’d like to explain this poem a little. Continue reading