“Flash Lights”

what am I supposed to do
around people falling apart
pretend I’m broken
until they get it together?

waking up with a poem coming out
dreaming about ministry
ministering in dreams
releasing heaven while sleeping

when people are broken
we’re not supposed to crack
and relate with them
we’re to be their light
for them to find their way out
for them to find their way back

broken people
need those who are strong
to be their hope
that things will get better

for those who “want” to stay broken
remain strength and pray

be hope for those
still selling their body

be hope for the ones
still on the street

be hope for the battered
who find rest in the fight

be hope for the addict
who thinks they’re hiding

be hope for those
who need hope

if they turn their backs
dust your feet and turn around
the one who “needs” hope
may be standing behind you

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