How Do You Wrap Laughter?

I haven’t been writing very much because they’re so much to do before I leave for Texas, so God gets the goodness of all the writing I “think” about, except for now.

I know there was a lot of thankfulness going around on Mother’s Day, and I just want to share a little bit of mine.

What I always “love” to do on that day is see a sunset with my kids, but the weather was so overcast and cold that we decided not to this time and stayed home.

I absolutely LOVE just having my kids around, and on Mother’s Day, they try extra hard to get along (the “whole” day). Katie cleaned the kitchen and bought us Mexican take-out; Kyle hooked us up to a whole bunch of “Impractical Jokers” episodes, and we just LAUGHED for hours.

To me, that’s the perfect Mother’s Day, but when I’d woken up that morning, it hadn’t felt that way.

Most of the time, either Kyle or Katie’ll buy me flowers, so I wake up to them, but this time, there weren’t any, and it made me cry. It’s silly: they’re JUST flowers, but that’s how I reacted. There was a huge card from Kyle, though, which made me smile.

Later on, Carolyn overheard me telling someone at church how silly I was about the flowers, so she came home and made me a card with yellow tulips inside, replacing the ones that were absent. It was so special, and by the time I’d come home from church, Katie’d made me a card.

It turns out, the kids were my bouquet, and their laughter was my gift…priceless!

It’s never about what you ‘get;’ it’s always about what you HAVE, and my Mother’s Day is proof of an abundant life!


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