“Useful Thoughts”

there’s a hope that I’ve been looking for
that’s been all the time in me
not in any one
or any thing around me
but in me

no matter what I choose
I’ll always have hope

there’re many things in life
had I known
I would’ve done differently
but if I’d done them differently
would I still have what I know?

there’s no use thinking ‘what if’
because all that’s happened
has come to be
but there’s use in thinking of today
because that will form your future

if you want change
you have to change
and part of that
is making decisions


Meditating Day And Night

Some read by candlelight; I read by Christmas light.



Yesyerday, I listened to Curry Blake teach about meditation and practiced it in my life last night. It something I used to do but pulled away from, since being in Texas, and that’s reading my bible at night.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been reading Narnia books at bedtime…almost trying to escape. Well, this teaching talked about being in the word morning AND night, so I started back up last night.

And wouldn’t you know it: I didn’t have a bad dream! (I’ve had quite a few bad dreams.)

There were other pointers, too, like thanking God for one minute seven times a day and being mindful of who you listen to because words are recorded in your brain.

This morning, I’ve been reading by Christmas light and feel stronger already. He’s building me up for something…maybe Katie leaving…maybe my husband not changing, but regardless, I’m stronger!