Living the Truth

The other day, one of the neatest and one of the worst things happened. Over the past year or so, I’ve been learning a lot more truth and have made it a point to live out all that I’ve learned: in church, on the streets, in my home, etc., and one thing I especially like is the way my kids learn at home.

I never make my kids go to church. I used to guilt them into going on Mother’s Day, Easter, and Christmas, but even that stopped. I never wanted to force them and always felt like it was my job to teach them at home.

When I say “teach,” I’m merely explaining how I live by example. I don’t set them down with a bible, paper, and a pen. I live what I believe and then explain why I’m living it. Sometimes, they don’t listen, but sometimes, they do. Continue reading

“In One Dance”

in a dream
that’s reality

up on stage
with new desires

of the flag
released from my heart

do they know
do they realize
does it matter

being up on stage
not craving attention
being up on stage
not looking for money
being up on stage
dancing only for ONE

to the rhythm of His Love
to the breath of His Spirit
to the thoughts He has of me

years forgotten
time restored
angelic present
releasing a song
of redemption

Time Redeemed in a Dance

Yesterday, I went to Beach Chapel to deliver some flags and to creep up on Henry (hee hee hee). Both of those things were accomplished, but God had way bigger things in store for me.

“…in store for me”…I can’t even imagine all that God has stored up for me in heaven that He’ll be releasing. It’s astonishing!

Anyway, as I was dancing with flags, I felt the desire to go up on stage but wasn’t sure if I had that favor, so I stayed where I was. Before communion, we sat to pray, and at that moment, Henry motioned for me to come up on stage, so I went. Continue reading

You Are Beautiful

“You are beautiful:” those are the words I heard over and over again last night. As I was flagging at Straight Up Worship, Krissi came up and told me how beautiful I was. She just kept saying, “You are beautiful” and wasn’t quite sure why those were the only words she could say. I began to cry and told her, “Because those are the words I need to hear the most,” and God knew that, and even with all those words of beauty spoken over me, this morning, I saw myself as ugly.
Continue reading