Living the Truth

The other day, one of the neatest and one of the worst things happened. Over the past year or so, I’ve been learning a lot more truth and have made it a point to live out all that I’ve learned: in church, on the streets, in my home, etc., and one thing I especially like is the way my kids learn at home.

I never make my kids go to church. I used to guilt them into going on Mother’s Day, Easter, and Christmas, but even that stopped. I never wanted to force them and always felt like it was my job to teach them at home.

When I say “teach,” I’m merely explaining how I live by example. I don’t set them down with a bible, paper, and a pen. I live what I believe and then explain why I’m living it. Sometimes, they don’t listen, but sometimes, they do.

Recently, Carolyn was out and heard something that didn’t agree with how I’ve taught her. Without even trying, she turned herself off from hearing it. As soon as it didn’t agree with her, she blocked out whatever it was she was hearing. As we were talking about it later, she couldn’t even remember what the difference was…just how it was not right. To me, that was amazing.

I told her how that’s discernment, and then we talked about how she’s learning. Even when she thinks she’s not listening, she’s taking it all in and learning, so when she DID hear something that wasn’t right, she didn’t even allow it into her soul…didn’t even remember what it was about. That blew my mind away. We should all be doing that.

We know the truth, so why do we still fall for the lie. Even last night, I had thoughts about failing at running this business, but I didn’t close my mind to that thought. I had a moment of contemplating, “Is that right?” (Don’t worry; God straightened me out!) I want to learn from Carolyn and not even listen.

Even recently, when I danced, I had thoughts of people not receiving it, not accepting it, etc., but I knew the truth and pushed through those thoughts. Afterwards, someone expressed how beautiful I moved the flag. When I told her my testimony of being a stripper, she said, “Oh, no wonder you do it so well.” I kindly corrected her.

If ever that goes through your mind, KNOW that that’s a lie. What I do with flags, I’ve never done on stage, and what I’ve done on stage, I’ve never done in church. Period!

My dance with Him flows with the Holy Spirit…moving to the rhythm of freedom. Lies tend to come to stop my freedom from being expressed, to stop His will for my life from happening, but I won’t let that happen. I will never stop dancing. I will not stop selling flags. I will never stop believing. Hell is stuck with me releasing heaven, no matter what!


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