Room for More

Last night, Corrie was telling me about this amazing revelation she had. I asked, “Did you write about it?” She said, “No, you can tomorrow,” so here we go.

Corrie absolutely LOVES the beach: she loves the ocean; she loves the hiking; she loves watching her family; she LOVES the sand; and she loves collecting little rocks and sea shells. Well, at a recent time at the beach, she was on the hunt for some little rocks and sea shells but encountered trash instead.

Some people’s trash is other people’s trash and belongs in a trash can…just saying. If people would only pick up after themselves…I always tell my kids that: if we’d all pick up after ourselves, our home would always be clean…much easier said than done. Regardless, out in public, people should throw trash away, but what a blessing to have “Corries” out there to pick up after them.

As she was walking along, she collected the trash. It didn’t take long for both of her hands to be holding trash. As soon as she spotted something beautiful to pick up, she realized she couldn’t because her hands were full, and then the revelation hit her: how hard it is to have room for more of the goodness of God, when we’re full of junk we need to get rid of!

Sometimes, we tend to hold onto things “forever;” it’s not punishment; it’s not God “teaching us.” Ignorance or lack of self worth is why people hold onto stuff. Let go of that “old sinful nature!” Let go of that unforgiveness! Let go of that abandonment! Throw it in the garbage of hell, so you can hold the goodness of heaven.

Jesus’ reward for all He went through is us living a life of freedom. If you’ve learned all you can and still feel like you’re in prison, find someone freer than you and take suggestions. There is no excuse to live in bondage! WE ARE FREE INDEED! Did you know the definition of indeed is “without a doubt?” You are FREE without a DOUBT, so stop doubting that you’re free!

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