I’m Back…

Just so you know, this post’ll have a lot of emotion, so if you don’t want to “feel,” scroll on.

I’m tired: I’m tired of hiding my website; I’m tired of hiding from certain people on Facebook; I’m tired of a lot of things, but as I sit here in tears, unable to stop, I’ll write because that’s how I get through things best. Continue reading

“Lost Love”

it breaks my heart
to see relationships
without love

with the absence of love
there’s room for so much more

but the moment love becomes present
the rest is covered

“Full Circle”

when I think about it
I’m in awe

if only you knew
how many times I said “never”
if only you knew
how I walked the other way
if only you knew
how long he waited
how long he hoped

if only…
you’d understand wholly
what beauty exists
in our love