Sometimes, You Just Need a Platform

For some strange reason, when I came back from Texas, I figured I’d have chances to share with different groups the miraculous things God’d done in my heart concerning Scott, but to my surprise, doors have remained shut for that, and it’s made me wonder why.

I mean, it’s not about me or speaking or anything like that. It’s about the crazy hope that restoration releases when spoken into the atmosphere.

Sure, face to Facebook is fine and word of mouth passes on, but…after TWENTY-TWO years of thinking never to go back to my ex husband, I was INSTANTLY in love. It’s amazing, yet the doors remained closed, until today.

Part of my testimony involves AA because THAT’s what it took for me to get sober, and even though my deep freedom is within Christ, I still go to meetings because it’s more about what I might give “to” them rather than what I might get “from” them, and this morning, I went to one.

During the meeting, I shared a little about what’s been going on, and at the end of the meeting, a woman said she was looking for ladies to speak to a group of broken women at the rescue mission. [I could, literally, hear the doorknob turn and the door open!]

After the meeting, I asked her about speaking, and she excitedly said, “Yes!”

It’s a faith-based program full of women off the streets, recovering from homelessness, addiction, etc., so on March 22nd, I get to give them hope, and laughter, and joy. I’m SO excited!

AND, the cool part about the 22nd is I was divorced 22 years and flew to Texas on January 22nd. (And “2” is my favorite number!)

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to what God has planned for those women on that evening. It’s gonna be good. I know it!

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