“Without a Friend”

So, this morning, I wrote this poem, and right after, I updated my website (which was WAY overdue). Honestly, I think writing (and posting) this poem on FB broke through the chains that were holding back my fingers from the keyboard.

The only fear that exists is the one I agree with.

“Without a Friend”

where is it?
where did it go…
the writing?

how could a passion just
is darkness really that strong
I KNOW it’s not

so where did it go?
where is it…
the writing?

What MY WILL Looks Like

Recently, I was talking to a friend about the craft fair I’d set up a booth at, and she asked me, “Did you ask GOD if you should go to that fair?” Immediately, I began to answer yes but then thought about it and realized no.

The only thing I’d “asked” God was if I should take someone. I never really asked Him IF I should go at all. How interesting is that!

Then, I began to remember what exactly happened during that time frame when the decision was made, and the memory was embarrassing, but I’ll share it with you. Continue reading