“But What If”

the fear of needing
causing one to hold on
to things
to people
to the past
hoarding what you don’t want
clinging to what you don’t need
in case you do someday

I can’t tell you
how many clothes I have
that I don’t like
yet still have them

in case I need

the expired food
in the kitchen
just in case we get
THAT hungry

gifts from people
never used
but still held onto
because it’s a gift

so much
holding onto
out of fear
of maybe needing someday

cleaning house never felt so good
THIS is the way God intends
for us to be
holding onto Him
trusting HE’ll supply
what we need

all of a sudden
I’ve gone from not enough hangers
to too many

all of a sudden
the counters have room
the cabinets’re less cluttered

letting go of fear
letting go of things
learning not to hold on
out of fear

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