“My Beat”

it’s a place that can be
hidden or wide

it feels every loss
and hopes for
every gain

it watches and waits
believing and

it sees what’s going
on and what
could be

it knows what’s in
the eyes and

it can always find
the lies behind
the truth

it’s a safe place to feel
and even safer place
to know

it rises up and stands
when others feel

it cowers in the dark
when feeling

it can speak through
tears and be seen
through joy

it protects
guides and

it’s a mother’s
heart who’s

“Just Me”

I’m not like anyone else
just me
and there are moments when that’s great
and there are other moments

I wish I always saw through God’s eyes
always saw the heart
just the heart

in myself
in others
in Him

I worship the way I worship
I dance the way I dance
sometimes drool when I sleep
I’m just me
and when I walk in my shoes
there’s Power

You Are Beautiful

“You are beautiful:” those are the words I heard over and over again last night. As I was flagging at Straight Up Worship, Krissi came up and told me how beautiful I was. She just kept saying, “You are beautiful” and wasn’t quite sure why those were the only words she could say. I began to cry and told her, “Because those are the words I need to hear the most,” and God knew that, and even with all those words of beauty spoken over me, this morning, I saw myself as ugly.
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Lunch with “JC”

Do you remember when Lee was pooped on…twice? It cracked me up! It could’ve been when he had asked not to be on Facebook. If that’s the case, let me know, and I’ll post the story. It was hilarious (to me), until “I” was pooped on. Then the funny flew away with the bird. Anyway, during that time, I sort of met Lee’s friend “JC,” and it was not a pleasant meeting. Continue reading