“God’s Mirror”

seeing a sixty-five year old man age in an instant
as he ate without teeth
knowing I look the same
but different

the enemy attacks through a cracked door
tears over dinner
over a reflection of reality

who will love me
who will want to look at me
how does it not bother the kids

because they love me

love causes blindness to imperfections
love covers the past and creates the future
love’s reflection is in the mirror of His Word
love chases, renews, redeems, restores

love lasts

helping countless people with addictions
alcohol, drugs, sex, porn
low self-esteem, not seeing worth…beauty
parenting as one, waiting for another

helping countless people…priceless
worth it all

who cares about teeth, weight, appearance
God sees the heart
which shines above all
leaving everything lost in the glow


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