Lunch with “JC”

Do you remember when Lee was pooped on…twice? It cracked me up! It could’ve been when he had asked not to be on Facebook. If that’s the case, let me know, and I’ll post the story. It was hilarious (to me), until “I” was pooped on. Then the funny flew away with the bird. Anyway, during that time, I sort of met Lee’s friend “JC,” and it was not a pleasant meeting.

Lee and I were eating lunch, and his friend, JC, was a short distance away, reading a book. I had made a comment to him and thought he didn’t hear me, so I didn’t want to interrupt his intense reading, but later on, Lee said that he probably heard me but was just ignoring me. JC was VERY standoffish. Okay, we’re getting closer to yesterday’s lunch, but first, I want to share with you about Friday.

On Friday, we had worship in my home in Lemon Grove, and I had brought Lee over to spend the weekend with us, so he could be part of worship, part of fellowship, part of love, and at one point, Rey Richardson was talking about interceding for others, for God to ‘awaken their souls.’ At that moment, Lee spoke aloud about interceding for his friend, JC, and later on, he told me what happened.

He said that when he had spoken about interceding for JC, he “felt” something leave the living room and knew it was going directly to him. He wasn’t sure if it was the Holy Spirit or an angel, but he KNEW that something left to go to JC, and he’s already seen fruit from that.

Yesterday morning, on my way to work, I stopped by the statues to drop Lee off, and as we were coming up to the corner, guess who we saw? JC! Lee was excited because he KNEW he had been ministered to in the spirit and wanted to see how he was doing. As we unloaded the car, I told Lee to have him stick around for lunch, and I would bring him something to eat. He nodded and headed over to him.

Yesterday at lunch, I picked up three meatball sandwiches, sodas, and chips and headed to the park. Guess who was there? Lee AND JC…I was excited. I served JC first. He was smiling and kept saying, “Thank you.” To me, it’s wonderful how food breaks down walls and softens hearts. I wonder if that’s why God has us eat together. He knows us so well, and JC was like a big ol’ teddy bear.

He told me a little about where he’s been. We talked about opinions, the flag business, marketing. Lee feels so comfortable around me now that he pulls out his teeth to eat. He’ll set them on the table, in his pocket, in his luggage. He just pulls them out (which had a totally different affect on me and about the way I look without teeth, but that’s for a different post). We all just enjoyed lunch together. It was really nice. Even as I left, JC gave me a hug.

Just in case he’s there today, I think I’ll take three sandwiches with me. I love how God works, how He awakens, how He prepares. I love how Lee KNEW and EXPECTED that God had been working on JC, and I love how Lee was able to experience fruit from his prayers. Life is so good…too good to just sit around and wait to go to heaven. Since we want the “now” in everything else, let’s want heaven here NOW and bring it down with fire!!

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