A Cry for Help

Today is August 31st. I’m hoping to pay rent by September 5th, so I’m asking for PREPAID orders to come pouring in.

Here’s a video of some different style flags I make and dance with:


*Ideally, I need to bring in money for 8 SETS of regular flags this week.*

If you’d like to order, please contact me.

Kid size $40/$60 single/matching set
Reg 5mm $50/$80
Reg 8mm $60/$100
Large $80/$140
Jumbo $100/$180
Butterfly $70/$140

Contact to order:

Facebook message Laura Lee Bonde
Email laura82405@yahoo.com
Phone/text 619-341-3893




Bus Ride with God

This morning, I went out to the fair to dance with my flags and went home shortly after. I’m thoroughly convinced that God will use everyone right where they’re at: He was moving through people in worship; He was moving through people who were praying afterward; He was moving through me on the bus. Continue reading

God’s Motivated Heart

In the past year, I’ve found that in leading a ministry, people want to hear my testimony and write about it, but what I’ve noticed is that they always want to write about what motivated me to stop dancing, and they usually want my answer to be that is was FOR God, but that wasn’t the case at all. Continue reading