“Rhythm of War”

without sound
without veering
without stopping

into a heart

heaven’s armies
join as one
to move in motion
to the one
who’s prayed for

without permission
without defeat
without a plan

of losing

everyone has a song
everyone has a sound
that heaven creates
through worship

“Under My Skin”

sometimes when I dance
I remember how I used to dance
not as a stripper
but when I first started dancing
for Him
has it changed?
does it matter?
as I grow closer
if that’s even possible
will the movements change
or is my dance
my dance
in the arms of Him
Who twirls me in His Love

For the One-on-One

For the most part, since the beginning of the year, only a handful of women have come to JC’s Girls (and not all at one time). There’ve been many times when no one’s showed up at all, and that’s okay.

The ministry wasn’t started for a group that already existed. No, the ministry was started for women to have a place to go for prayer support and for the teaching of freedom.

Last night, I didn’t expect anyone to show up but wanted to be there in case anyone did, and wouldn’t you know it…someone showed up. Continue reading

“Which God”

A little while ago, I saw a post about writing a song from an unbeliever’s heart. Well, yesterday, while I was driving, God poured one out through me. I didn’t record it, and it had me in tears. I don’t think this is “exactly” it, but it’s pretty darn close.

This song starts in exhaustion, escalates to almost yelling, and ends in a crying whisper. It’s passionate. It’s from a desperate heart that’s been “searching” many places to find God but finally gives up, throws his hands in the air, falls to his knees and cries out for a true answer.

This song is a cry from that heart. Continue reading