Knock Knock…

Last night, I took the kids to Taco Bell, and the funniest thing happened. Nathan was ordering and asked for four tacos, two of one kind and two of another. As he moved to the side, he said, “Oh, and no cheese.” The lady behind the counter said, “On all of them?” Nathan said, “No olives.” He looked so confused. We started laughing so hard. When she said “all of them,” Nathan heard “olive.” So, a new knock-knock joke was born.  

“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Olive who?”
“No cheese on olive them.”

We were laughing so hard: me, Nathan, Carolyn, a lady to the side of us, and the lady behind the counter. It was great. And the fun didn’t stop there.

We laughed the whole time during dinner, on the way to the car, on the way to get ice cream, and on our way home. Then, as they were messing around coming up the stairs, I said, “Olive you be quiet!” The laughter continued. I love our family, the way we love, and the way we laugh. It’s priceless!

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