“The Gifts of Hell”

so many people stomp their feet at God
“What have You done for me?!!”

they glare into their lives
their parents haven’t changed
their kids haven’t changed
they need a better job
a job
their wife’s still a jerk
their husband’s still a pain

giving up on God
giving into gods

holding onto darkness
walking into pain
letting go of goodness
for what He hasN’T done

what have they done FOR Him?!!

when people only see the negative
their focus fixed on what’s around them
they’ve missed what’s been done
what’s been answered

knowing some who left the shadow of His wing
for the covering of a pimp
for the thrill of another high
for the gifts of darkness

Satan’s gifts are poison
his blessings are curses
his high is instant gratification
his agreements involve chains
his guidance involves torment

taste and see that the LORD is good
but you have to open your mouth
open your heart to taste
close your eyes to see
let heaven do the talking
and follow

it WILL get better

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