Driving Serum

Have you ever noticed, when you’re driving with someone, there’s always something to talk about? I have, but I wasn’t sure if it’s just me or if it happened to everybody. Well, the other day, Katie drove all the way to Magic Mountain and back and had some things to talk about.

We didn’t talk the whole way there and back, but when we did talk, she sure opened up about stuff, and some of it wasn’t so good.

A short while ago, someone Katie used to know from church came into the Sprouts where Katie was working. Through idle chit chat, the woman asked Katie about her relationship with God. Katie was very honest and told her. Her response was incredible.

She said to Katie, “If Jesus came back today, would you really want Him to see you like this” or something to that effect. It was said in a way to “scare” Katie back into God’s arms, and Katie was not a fan at all.

My daughter KNOWS the word of God. She knows you’re to either be cold or hot, not lukewarm, and knows in her heart, right now, she wouldn’t give her all to God, so she doesn’t give any, but I’m not worried about her. In other ways, I know she’s still in contact with Him. She’s just walking on her own path, but all of this made me wonder about that “scare” tactic so many people use, and it’s been on my heart ever since.

Whether it’s holding a sign declaring ones are going to hell or asking someone if they “really” want Jesus to see them this way, it’s all trying to “scare” people into the arms of God, and it’s NOT how Jesus did it. It seems like love fuels reverence and scare fuels fear.

The Scripture says, “God so loved the world…,” not “God was so disappointed in the world…” He’s never stopped loving. He can’t. It’s Who He is…Love.

Regardless of the situation, something was taught: Katie learned how she doesn’t want to be treated and learned how she doesn’t want to treat others. Like I said, I’m not worried about her. She’s come a long way and keeps moving forward. God has never stopped loving her and never will. There are other things we talked about that made God smile, but those are left for Him (and us).


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