Boiling Water

Last night, I was at Renaissance Church, and when Paul Dabdoub was speaking (to me but to others as well), I felt something bubbling inside me around my stomach area, rising to my chest. It was the neatest feeling, and then, shortly after, worship began.

I love it when something I’ve known becomes different.

Quite often, when praying or when someone’s praying over me, I’d put my hands out, open in front of me, to receive, but yesterday, God touched me in a way to where that looks different to me, now.

Actually, I would say, “If you don’t know Jesus, put your hands out to receive. If you DO know Him, put your hands on your heart because everything you need, everything He has for you, is inside of you because He lives IN you.”

From within…not something I “need” from above. The bible says I’m complete…you’re complete…in Him.

Put on your armor from within.
Love your God, yourself, others from within.
Cast out demons from within.
Heal the sick from within.
Seek the lost from within.
Seek to know God from within.
… from within.

To be so complete, so whole, so alive to be dead to self and living for Him, through Him, to Him is overwhelmingly good. I just feel new songs arising from within me. I feel new color combinations for the flags rising within me. I feel new desires to love rising within me. I feel a lot rising within me…maybe bursting out, maybe slowly dripping…we’ll see.

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