“Duct Tape”

feeling lost in a church
having no one to listen
afraid of being judged
so holding the past inside

I think about Jesus
about the footsteps He took
about the tears He shed
about the rejection He endured

and I think about
the pain He went through
the betrayal He received
the questions He faced

and I think about
how He loved
how He sacrificed
how He overcame

and I wonder how He’d see the “church”
that place inside walls
where everyone “seems” perfect

just wondering

I imagine Jesus asking questions and listening
I imagine Him spending time Face to face
I imagine Him encouraging, declaring Kingdom Truth
I imagine Him explaining Freedom

He’d say, “It’s simple. Choose Me, and receive ALL that I AM!”

blessed are those who find someone to talk to
blessed are those who’ll listen
blessed are those who speak Truth
blessed are those who destroy darkness

be blessed today

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