From Knowledge to Wisdom

Yesterday, Katie revealed more of the process of how she came to the decision of keeping her baby, and the journey was heart-stopping!

Katie’s the type of person who wants to KNOW everything about what she’s getting into BEFORE she gets into it, so on Saturday, January 23rd, two days before the scheduled abortion, Katie googled about abortions and about the development of a baby.

While reading up on abortions, she discovered how they dismember the baby to get it out of the womb. I can’t remember if there were videos on this or not, but there were pictures. Now, about the baby…

So far, Katie’s been “guessing” about how far along she is, and by watching videos, she found out her baby had hands…fingers…wrists that were able to move, and then, she thought about those being cut off.

Knowledge…so true…so sad…so…permanent.

When she’d discovered all of this, she sent a text to the father saying, “Do you realize what we’re about to do?” Sadly, the realization hadn’t come to him, but for Katie, the message was loud and clear, so she cried out to God.

She KNEW, without a shadow of doubt, that she WOULD NOT kill her baby and chose to keep it, without the consent of the father.


To everyone, God speaks differently. He KNOWS Katie and KNEW how to reach her, and she’s SO glad she listened because it IS possible to ignore His voice and join hands with hell.

We talked about how she’d been so blinded and under control to follow the wishes of death. It was one of the strongest holds she’s ever endured, and breaking free has made her even stronger than the hold.

THAT’s what the enemy fears: that the revelation from knowledge will bring wisdom from God’s Heart.

What I love about this…Jesus “knew” she’d be sifted and prayed for her, long ago, to get through it and come out mightier to lead others out of a similar darkness.

I’ve already heard stories that her testimony is helping others in similar but different situations. That’s the beauty of living out loud: no borders…no boundaries…only freedom.

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