Heart IQ

My own experience has confused me about declarations. “Confused” may be the wrong word to describe it, though, so I’ll just explain what I mean.

For many, many years, I said I’d never go back to my ex-husband, yet we’re married. Since the moment I realized my love for him, I’ve thought about declarations.

What we speak with our mouths has power, most of the time, but there are those things spoken that are powerless.

I remember hearing a teaching on this awhile back but can’t remember from who, and at the time, I brushed it off, but since I started living it, I began to recall some of it.

The expression, “That scared me to death!,” may be spoken but won’t kill you because it isn’t true, and your heart knows that, so I don’t think it even pays attention. Does the heart KNOW more than we think?

Who has access to our hearts? God. If we are one with Him, we’re living through His heart…constant communication, so if we speak something that’s nonsense, does God tell the heart not to receive it?

The night before Scott came into town, I was over at my friend’s house. I’d been talking with her about the struggles I’d been enduring and how Scott had been my rescuer over and over again. I mentioned how I was thinking about asking him if the kids and I could move in with him, until I got on my feet.

At that moment, she mentioned the possibility of us ever getting back together. My answer was the same as it’s always been, “Absolutely not!” You can imagine her surprise, when, two weeks later, I went back to tell her I was in love with him. So, what happened to that declaration?

I’m not writing to give you an answer. I’m writing to explore a thought. I don’t have the standing of some of these big names, so I’m sure my exploration will be corrected by some, but it just makes me wonder, ponder, dig deeper into the heart of God and how He’s into my heart.

I’m glad those negative declarations didn’t hold me back from hearing God. Maybe it’s as simple as declaring the truth, which breaks the negative spoken. I may not know for sure at the moment, but I WILL KNOW someday soon because THAT’s how God works!

I’m so excited to live every day with my husband. I mean, I know we are NOW, but to be face-to-face…brings tears to my eyes.

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