A couple weeks ago, I woke up with the worst headache ever. It was so severe; I went for Advil “before” I prayed. The pain was present for two days. On the second day, I decided to rely on God rather than Advil, and it left. Well…not forever.

A couple days later, I felt a sharp pain in one area of my scalp, but instead of coming and going, it stayed, and the next day, I woke from a nap with intense pain, but it wasn’t alone.

Along with this pain, I found a lump, and it freaked me out. The pain worsened and the lump was tender to touch. I hadn’t hit my head or anything, and I decided, if it didn’t get better, I’d go to the ER, but I didn’t want to, so I kept praying.

The next day, not only was it tender to touch, but also hurt when I smiled. I was still in limbo about going to the ER, and fear was approaching fast. It only took seconds (online) to find I might’ve had a disease or something. Right about then, a friend sent me a text.

I told him about the lump, the pain, and the possibility of going to the doctor, and he suggested prayer. Well, he prayed a few times, and it felt a little better, so we decided to let God heal it over time.

Three days later, the lump (and pain) was totally gone!

No matter anyone’s condition, no matter anyone’s opinion, God remains the Great Physician and heals every day!

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