The Black Thread

What are some voices of depression?

“Don’t take a shower!”
“Nobody cares about you!”
“It’s never going to work!”
“You can’t do it!”

And most of the time, when I hear people open up about having depression, they “own” it, as if it was a part of them: MY depression this; MY depression that. To me, it’s darkness taking over; it’s becoming intertwined with who you are, but that’s all an illusion.

I’m not speaking from speculation.
I’m speaking from experience.

When I order my silk, there are some parts where there’s a little black thread, which I’m sure was used to mark the yardage. Anyway, when you have white silk with a black string of thread, it’s pretty noticeable, and as long as I leave it there, it stays, but when I pull the end of the thread, it comes out.

Depression is like that black thread. Maybe all it takes is someone pulling it out. Just like that black thread wasn’t part of the white silk, depression isn’t part of who you are.

If you can’t find the thread, find someone who can help you.

It’s never about fighting the lies; it’s simply about believing the truth.


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