MD Anderson v. Harlingen

March 1, 2020

MD Anderson, it’s the best hospital in the nation for cancer care, and they accepted my insurance, but I chose not to go there, and here’s why.

MD Anderson is located in Houston. Away from my kids. Away from my friends. Almost away from love.

The thought of traveling there, staying in a hotel, and doing tests all over again did NOT sound appealing AT ALL.

When I saw the surgeon, I told him about MD Anderson, and he assured me that everything they do there will be done here. My surgeon is Dr. Dhevan, one of the nicest men. I fully trust him with my life. His office referred me to an oncologist they trust.

Dr. Sarhill is my oncologist. I’ve heard one amazing thing about him and one negative thing. When I told the nurse that, she said, “Wherever you go, you’re gonna hear a negative, but let me tell you: If my kids had cancer, I would only want them to see Sarhill.” I fully trust that!

Dr. Movva is my primary physician. He’s the one that been making eveything happen so fast. My mammorgram was on January 21, which isn’t too long ago. Since then, I’ve had an MRI, a biopsy, a consultation with the surgeon, and now it’s all happening the second week of March. That seems pretty remarkable!

Mr. Ramos is my counselor. Yesterday, he found out what I’m going through and asked to see me every week through March, so he can help me process it all. I’m forever grateful God led me to him.

Yes, I truly believe I’m in good hands in Harlingen and can’t wait to spread the news of positive results! My medical team, mixed with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, my family, my friends, my recovery group, my church, my counselor is what will carry me through.

There’s a reason I’ve been sober over 14 years without a relapse. I really believe it’s because I create support groups wherever I go.

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