Overdrawn and Out of Gas

It’s funny: the title of this was my reality yesterday, and I believe yesterday happened, so that I would have this title, and someday, it’ll be the title of a book I’ll write about faith. Faith: it’s in me; I know it; I breathe it; I live it. But there are times, when, the reality of not having much makes fear a temptation, and yesterday was one of those times. Continue reading

What Faith is Like

I’m sure there are perfect Christians out there, who never agree with fear, never have doubt, never lose track, etc., but I’m not one of them, and yesterday, I made the mistake of looking at my bank account balance…never a good idea, but Nathan wanted some specific food from Sam’s Club, so I needed to check.

When I saw my balance, I thought, “Oh, no! What am I doing! How is this going to make sense! The kids depend on me. What am I going to do?, etc.” It was fast. It was accurate (to the world). It was NOT Kingdom living, and I got sucked right into it. It was crazy. Continue reading


when the bills are due and you’re just ‘not there’ yet
when everything you spend cuts into the rent
when your problems point to the promises

no need to worry
no need to fret

another opportunity
to trust
to believe
to listen
to move

walking by faith
leaving everything behind
discovering new land
to live in

Christmas in June

Do you remember, as a kid growing up, waking up on Christmas morning and being INSTANTLY filled with excitement?! I just woke up like that, and I have a feeling…every day is going to feel like Christmas. When I turned off my alarm (which is Nathan’s giggle), my first thought was, “Thank You, God! I get to work from home! I get to make flags!,” and I was so excited! It felt like Christmas morning. This whole weekend felt different.

Continue reading

Lunch with Lee

In case you don’t know, Lee is a homeless man that I’ve become friends with over the last two weeks (I’ve sat with him three times), and on Friday, I invited him to have lunch with me on Monday, which was yesterday, and what an amazing time it was! It seems like it will be hard to put into words the wonderful lunch we had, but I will do my best to invite your heart to dance with mine.  Continue reading