Inspired by “The Sandlot”

Eddie, Troy, Alonzo, (my) Kyle, Tommy
Eddie, Troy, Alonzo, (my) Kyle, Tommy

When the older kids were little, we used to watch “The Sandlot” all the time, and in that movie, they showed a picture of young boys on a baseball field. You could tell they were friends. You could tell they were memories. Seeing an adult having those “memories” beside him in a frame inspired me to take a picture of Kyle and his friends ten years ago.

Looking back, I was still drinking back then, so it surprises me that I actually followed through with a thought, but I did, and after I printed all the pictures, I framed them for Kyle and each of his friends. In the original picture, I believe there were seven kids. Well, yesterday, we reenacted it with five of them, and I was so blessed that Kyle asked me to take the picture.

They all came over to the house, and then we carpooled to the middle school. We couldn’t take the picture in the “exact” same place because it was gated, but we took it right next to the school.

On the way there, you should’ve heard the excitement in Kyle’s voice, as he talked about “where” to take the picture and what to wear in ten years, when we do it again. I love that!

…all because of the movie “The Sandlot” and a mother’s love.

Yesterday, as the boys stood there, we laughed, smiled, joked around…my heart was just melting inside. I wonder if pictures help keep friendships together.

Anyway, here’s the picture from yesterday. I’m so glad God spoke this to my heart ten years ago and still continues to speak it to Kyle’s heart.

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