“Trapped in Isolation”

what about that ‘Christian’ who can’t stop having sex
what about the one who can’t stop drinking
what about the one who speaks death instead of life but really wants life

they say you don’t have to be perfect to come to Jesus
but then say to be perfect to follow Him

one day at church
a young man was struggling with drugs
the advice he was given
well you must not be saved

I disagree

freedom is learned
freedom is believed
freedom is lived
freedom is Jesus

everything that has breath
has hope
everyone who comes to Jesus
can find the Way

for years I was stuck in the bondage of sex
for years I didn’t care
for years I’ve been free

no addiction is stronger than Jesus
but may be stronger than will
if you don’t choose right

learning that you’re free from sin
no matter how long you’ve known Jesus
apart from Him is a different story
a testament of Old

it took me awhile to learn the truth
but it doesn’t need to take awhile to learn
no process
no journey
no time required
with the timeless God

choose life today
choose to be free
choose to break loose
into heaven on earth

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