Eye Contact

Yesterday, I was so blessed to have tea with Jessica and catch up on life, and while we were both there for each other, God had us there for someone else.

We were sitting at a table, right inside the entrance of the coffee shop, so as people filed in, I could see them enter, and as they walked by, Jessica could see them pass.

As one particular man walked in, we made eye contact, and immediately, I KNEW I knew him; as he continued walking, he turned and pointed at me. Jessica voiced how he pointed at me, and I told her I thought I knew him.

Well, I did.

Right then, he turned around to interrupt us, and we began sifting through life to see where we knew each other from. It turned out, his name was Nathan, and I knew him from recovery.

He asked to sit down and join us.

The last time I saw him was at the Rock church recovery meeting. As I shared about how well I was doing, he shared about how poorly “he” was doing.

Sadly, he’s only a few years older than me, but alcohol had taken it’s toll, so he looked MUCH, much older. He’d just come from a rehab center that turned him away because he smelled like alcohol. Go figure!

[Jessica and I could not wrap our heads around that: someone who needed help reached out, and they turned him away because he smelled like the very thing he needed help from…baffling!]

Anyway, we asked him if he’d like prayer, and he gladly accepted.

After listening to him share about his struggles, Jessica prayed over him. It was amazing!

While we listened to him talk about certain things, we watched his eyes well up with tears. I truly believe God wasn’t waiting for the prayer to move. I believe He was doing His thing while we were all talking. It was so good!

Because I’m moving, I doubt I’ll see him again, but we’re hoping he runs into Jessica from time to time.

I just love how God works.

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