Clothed in Love

There’s something I want to write about but don’t have all the words roaming around inside (yet) but still feel led to write, so here we go.

Since some of you haven’t read all my posts, I’ll bring you up to speed.

Last year, for the first time, I paid for a booth at a craft fair. Before going, I’d had it set in my mind that it was a make-it-or-break-it affair. Well, it went horribly, and I left more discouraged than ever. AND, to top it all off, by being at that fair, I missed my son’s football game and my daughter’s band performance. Anyway, now you’re up to speed.

Some time before that day, my friend’s mother sent me some dresses. She’d seen a video of me dancing with my flags and felt drawn to send me some things (out of love). I didn’t even know her. It blew me away.

Well, after the horrible experience at the fair and a laugh-attack evening with my teenage daughter, it was time for bed (finally…on days like that, I can’t WAIT to go to bed). I’d been swollen from crying and sore from laughing and just wanted to fall asleep “wearing love,” so I put on one of those dresses my new friend’d sent to me.

You see, those dresses were sent to me by someone who’d seen God through me and wanted to show their love. That spoke so loudly, so deeply, so thoroughly to me, and I wanted (more than anything) to be covered in that love.

That night, that dress became my nightgown and has been ever since, and it’s one of the things I’ll (for sure) be taking to Texas.

After that evening, God began speaking to me about being clothed in love. It’s not something I need to DO; it’s part of who I am.

When one enters into the heart of Jesus, they become clothed in Love: it becomes part of their character. It’s up to us to believe that, become that, and release that.

Regardless, I’m super glad I went through what I went through and learned what I learned. I love “experiencing” the bible by living it out. It makes so much more sense and is easier for me to remember!

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