Clouds that Cover

Every once in awhile, my heart is an open book, yet my mind knows better, so I’m left with writing in code. This is one of those times.

Recently, Nathan joined a tackle football team. It was all brand new to him: the coaches; the tackling; the kids…everything, but before he even picked the team, he had an issue.

He had gone to some practices of different teams and decided to join the one where they were all about his size, yet during his picking process, he told me, “Mom, they cuss a lot.” I said, “Who?” He said, “The coaches and the players.” I sighed and said, “Well, you get to be different” and let him decide on his own. He picked that team.

Over the past couple weeks, he’s wanted to quit twice. The second time was yesterday, and it was a breakdown before practice. I was called and went to see him (with an idea).

There was something about this team that was just oppressive. I talked to him about the spiritual side of everything and told him I’d rather he try a different team than quit the sport, so he did.

He quit the one team and went straight to another practice and loved it, so he’s going to keep going.

There’s more about the other team that didn’t set right with my spirit, but those are the things my mind’s holding back. I’m just glad Nathan didn’t give up on a sport he loves.

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