“Salt Water”

for the longest time
I thought a friend was one
who stood by you
but after being alone
I knew that was wrong

then I thought
a friend is one
who invites you
but after never being asked
I knew I was wrong

and then I thought
a friend is one
who shows up
but after being in an empty room
I knew I was wrong

some friends
want you to “prove” yourself
other friends
want you to be “known”

the fact is
friends come and go
on the waves of life
but the truest Friend
is the Water around you

there’s a reason why
people think of God
when they see the ocean

I’ve found that “true” friends
think of you
no matter where you’re at
in life
and your circumstances
don’t define the friendship

there’re online friends
whom you’ll never meet

there’re distant friends
right next to you
and close friends
whom you barely know

and there’re friends
who’ve stuck by you
time and time again
even though
they never say a word

and some friends
let you know
what you mean to them

it’s never about being loved
it’s about being Love
and it’s never about having friends
it’s about BEING a friend

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