“Moving Through Time”

[written 10/12/16]

there’re just some things
in this mommy heart
that can’t be avoided
and ‘i’m sorry’ seems to be
the only words that comfort
the only words that fit

I know
things’ll get better
I know
it’ll just take time
I know
it’ll be okay

tell me something
I don’t know
and maybe
just maybe
I’ll feel better

until then
I miss my son
and even after then
I’ll still miss him


[written 10/9/16]

I wonder
“if I’d done
would things be

but then THAT
makes me wonder
“if I’d done
everything right
would I be
who I am?”

who I am
is pretty amazing
so trying to
change the past

More Than a Message

In AA, you share your experience, strength, and hope. Well, while I was in San Diego, celebrating my sobriety at a meeting, a woman came empty and left complete. Here’s what happened:

Yesterday morning (10/7), my friend, Jimbo, gave me my 11 year token, and as I was sharing, I talked about life, Jesus, and freedom from depression, and after I sat down, a woman approached me and asked if I’d pray for her after the meeting, so I did.

As we were talking, she said she wanted to know about my God, so I told her about Jesus, and guess what? Now, she KNOWS my God: she entered in to the heart of Jesus!!

You know, everyone has their own choice in which path to walk on, so I’m glad there’s freedom to share about what we believe, just in case anyone else’d like to follow.

Me, Jimbo, and my friend, Bill