Drum-roll, Please!!

It figures: I finally want to write, and it’s about something that requires anonymity, so I’ll be vague with as much detail as I can.

Last fall (sometime), there was a planning meeting for a big event that’d be going on on South Padre Island. Well, during that meeting, I committed to being the Entertainment Chair for the event. At that moment, I had all hope, but a couple months later, that hope dwindled.

As life went on, I decided that the two nights I was in charge for would be filled with laughter and music: Friday night would be “Comedy Night,” and Saturday would be an “Open Mic Night,” but as the deadline drew closer, I found I had no one for either, and, of course, felt like a failure and cried.

I explained what had happened to the woman in charge, and she encouraged me not to worry about it, and when I left that meeting, I knew deep down inside, that God had a plan, and everything’d be okay.

Well, in order for God to take care of it, I needed to show up. That’s one thing inside me that’s changed.

For the longest time, I was taught to wait for God to move, and then, I’d follow, but what I’ve recently learned is that, because God lives inside me, as I move, HE goes with me, and as I live my life, I (can) release Him wherever I go, so it’s like, HE’s following me. Does that make sense? Anyway, it does to me, and that’s all that matters because as I meditate on these truths, lies fall away.

Well, as the days drew closer, I felt more prepared to be the comedian for Comedy Night. I mean, my laugh alone makes people laugh, so my plan was to just go up there and speak and let laughter flow. Well, I did, and it went amazingly.

Last night was the comedy night, and before I started, a man asked, “Are you a comedian?” I said, “No, but my life is funny,” and it is.

Certain parts are so unbelievable that you HAVE to laugh, but I wasn’t sure how much time I needed to fill, so I had an instance of my life to start with and printed out some funny recovery jokes to follow, hoping that would be enough, and it WAS!!

So, only about twenty people gathered around, and EVERYONE laughed, and some laughed A LOT! There’s something about being me that God moves through.

Oh, and one of the best parts…leading up to this event, I only had one musician lined up for open mic, and again, wasn’t going to worry about it because I knew God had a plan, and then, last week, a woman called, asking me to perform. Of course, I said yes.

THEN, while sitting around last night, a man, out of the blue, asked his friend to bring his drums tonight to play, so voila: now we have THREE performers for Open Mic. It’s just going to be another perfect evening!

And last night, after everything ended, I sat around with some new friends and played cards. It was SO MUCH FUN!!

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