A Big Brother’s Love

Yesterday, Kyle surprised Carolyn with an early birthday present, and you won’t believe what it is!

When Kyle called Carolyn yesterday, he intended to help her fill out some college applications, but as soon as she answered the phone, he could tell she was sick, so he postponed the applications and spent time finding out how she was doing.

At first, everything was fine, but then, some feelings she’d stuffed way down inside decided to come out.

You see, Carolyn holds it together on the outside but goes through a lot on the inside. Over this last year and a half, she’s endured many changes and has stayed strong through them all, but on the phone with Kyle, her heart poured out.

Since knowing Katie was leaving, she’s been so deeply hurt that none of her siblings would be here for her birthday, but she’s held it inside because there’s nothing she could do about it, but on the phone with Kyle, all of it came out, and she broke down.

Through tears, she told him how it was going to suck without them there, and, then, she ended up opening up about some other things that’d been bothering her. It was the domino effect, and as Kyle listened, he got online.

While she was crying her eyes out, he bought a plane ticket to come out here for her birthday! He cares so deeply, especially for his family.

I’m so proud of my kids! They all love so well.


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