Happiness Not Guaranteed

Okay, so I “know” that Disneyland has been known as the-happiest-place-on-earth, but that doesn’t guarantee that the people THERE are the happiest. If there WAS a guarantee, then Scott should get some money back because there were times when moods, attitudes, dirty looks, etc. were transferred amongst the kids. It could’ve been their ages, but I believe the emotions ran deeper than that. Continue reading

The Direction of the Road

Kyle Bonde - Graduated 6-3-2015
Kyle Bonde – Graduated 6-3-2015

Most of you know that my oldest son graduated yesterday. This will be written through many tears because I’m already crying. I wish you KNEW all of me, so you could KNOW how all of this affects me, but I know I won’t give you “everything” on this one because so much of it is too personal, too private, too…meant for heaven only, but I will share with you a glimpse of the gratitude of my heart. Continue reading

Wanting to Be a Mother

This morning, I was remembering things from childhood, and as I remembered how I wanted to be a mother, I wept. This was around 5:30 am. I had a time in my mind to work on flags at 5:30 am, but when I wept about wanting to be a mother, a desire rose in me to write about it. I tried to ignore it, but I can’t, so flags will have to wait. Continue reading

“Everyone Counts”

When faith is lost
and hope is gone
and no one comes around
what happens

Is that when people
fall into despair
seclude from others
and get lost in their mind

Is that when death
creeps in and
strangles the life
out of the heart

Is that when sadness
overwhelms every thought
and depression becomes
a weight that sinks the soul

Is that when tears
flood the inside
drowning the future
of becoming real

Is that when laughter
becomes buried
and smiles become
a thought never expressed

Never be afraid to be a friend
Never be afraid to give a smile
Never be afraid to say a prayer
It may restore hope
It may restore faith
It may restore life, a life worth living

The End of a Season

[Written yesterday, 3/14/15]

Today is the last game of the winter season of flag football. To watch my oldest son coach and my youngest son play has been an inexpressible joy in my heart! The restoration that pursues our family is amazing, and it feels like it’s only just begun, but the truth is, God’s been restoring our lives for years.

Restoration: Continue reading

Knock Knock…

Last night, I took the kids to Taco Bell, and the funniest thing happened. Nathan was ordering and asked for four tacos, two of one kind and two of another. As he moved to the side, he said, “Oh, and no cheese.” The lady behind the counter said, “On all of them?” Nathan said, “No olives.” He looked so confused. We started laughing so hard. When she said “all of them,” Nathan heard “olive.” So, a new knock-knock joke was born.   Continue reading

God’s Motivated Heart

In the past year, I’ve found that in leading a ministry, people want to hear my testimony and write about it, but what I’ve noticed is that they always want to write about what motivated me to stop dancing, and they usually want my answer to be that is was FOR God, but that wasn’t the case at all. Continue reading