A Step Outside

Last summer, I found myself thinking about all the things I had been involved in: bible studies, church services, ministries during the week, etc. I was doing a lot “inside” the church, but that was it, so I talked to God about it, and wouldn’t you know it…He caused me to step outside the church, and the journey has been amazing.

Around that same time, I had started dancing with flags but wondered if I should explore “dancing” somewhere to learn more. When I dance with flags, I really don’t “know” what I’m doing. I simply love God, love how He’s transformed my heart in that area, so I lift a flag, watch the beauty of it flow, and then feel my heart sink into the floor, while my spirit soars through the heavens. My body just moves. Anyway, I wasn’t sure if I should find out what to do, so the question was present in my mind.

Then, I met a woman on the pier of Ocean Beach. As we met, I shared with her how I had been at the beach praying with people, and she explained how she had been there capturing faces to put together a video for a dance movement she was about to choreograph. Dance? …not in the church? …sounded like God had opened a door for me to explore, so I prayed about it, and followed His lead through that door.

For the past six months, every Monday night, I’ve been gathering with others, exploring the movement of our bodies, forming an expression of our hearts through dance, and it has been amazing! The final performance will be on August twenty-fourth at 8 pm, and if you’d love to support me, I’d love for you to be there.

When you ask God to do something, expect Him to move. There I was, talking with Him about my involvement within the church, and He involves me with something outside the church walls. It really has been a wonderful experience, and when we do finally perform, I would love to see my friends’ faces in the audience, looking back at me.

For tickets: http://bit.ly/standtalltickets

To donate: https://www.facebook.com/BodyBoca

The event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1596792080552035/

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