An Audience of One

Last night, no one showed up for JC’s Girls bible study. In that moment, I can either choose to see it as an evening off with God, or I can choose to see it as a pity party thrown by Satan. Well, it turned out to be totally different, and of course, I saw that “after.”

I think Satan looks for opportunities like this to cause one to doubt if they’re even hearing from God in what to do and how to do it. It actually turned out to be an evening full of worship and prayer, orchestrated by God to bring His Heart’s cry for our city into the atmosphere.

A block away, Osil was leading an evening of worship and prayer. After waiting forty-five minutes and no one showing up, I headed over. Guess what? She was alone, too! Hmm, sounds like God had a plan. I walked in, and the moment I hugged her, I began to cry. It turned out I had accepted an invitation to Satan’s pity party and felt that no one showing up was, somehow, something I had caused. How silly is that! Immediately, she spoke truth into my heart, and we began to worship.

As soon as I moved my flag, I became lost. I love how that happens. I can’t even explain the moment because it was just too beautiful for words. I think only heaven has a vocabulary for those experiences. We prayed for the victims and abusers of San Diego; we prayed for those who can’t find their identity; we prayed for the church to see more clearly with their hearts. We sang and prayed a lot. And then Patti showed up. What a fun time!

We all danced with flags, danced square-dance style…Russian style. Ricky played the drums and blessed us with a couple of solos. It was an amazing evening that only God could’ve planned!! So, today, especially, I’m going to breath without expectation. I’m going to walk without doubting. I’m going to pray without ceasing, and I’m going to pray through a heart of Joy because I KNOW God wants His plans fulfilled. I pray for man’s will to choose right and for freedom to come to many!




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