A Slap of Defense

Bullying: how did it start; where will it end? Of course, these are not questions for anyone to answer. These are questions that will cause one to think. Yesterday, there was an altercation in a school lunch line, which involved bullying, self defense, and school suspension, and I’m very proud of the way my daughter, Carolyn, handled herself.

In the school lunch line, Carolyn was waiting her turn, when a young man cut in front of her, teasing her, egging her on because she couldn’t do anything. He started saying things like, “Yeah! What’re YOU going to do about it? Hit me? You’re not going to do anything, etc., etc., etc.” Well, this bully messed with the wrong daughter of the King.

In that moment of hearing his taunts, she clocked him: slapped him right in the face and was suspended from school.

Now, I’m not a fan of violence, but I’m not a fan of bullying, either, and because of the way she handled herself, I bet you that young man will think twice about messing with her. The question that keeps welling up inside of me is, “Did that boy get punished as well?” On Monday, we’ll find out.

There’s going to be a meeting at school about Carolyn’s behavior. I spoke with Carolyn and told her I was proud of her for standing up for herself. I also told her that there’s a better way of going about it. She agreed, but in that moment, slapping was her only thought, so she carried that out. To think of her being pushed to that point brings me to tears. That’s MY baby girl!


Anyway, this young man WILL BE punished because I have a voice that will be heard. In general though, do bullies ever get punished? Or do organizations just form to bring up the awareness of them? At this meeting, we’ll see what happens. All I know is people will hear my opinion through God’s heart and maybe their hearts will encounter His love.

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