“No Shut-off Valve”

you “think” you know me
but did you know

my heart probably writes over ten poems a day
when I’m walking
when I’m sewing
when I’m all alone
when I’m in a crowd
when I’m with the kids
when I’m driving
…probably more than ten
but I haven’t learned to write them all down

I feel like every moment is either a song or a poem

8 thoughts on ““No Shut-off Valve”

  1. Hi,
    Did you mean what you said in your poem? I can totally relate. I am just like that, so much in my head but hard to write them down. I use audio recording when driving and Evernote when I’m not driving.
    Thank you for visitiing my site and liking my Reddit guide.

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    1. I DID mean it. I need to use something when I’m driving, too. SO MUCH comes out, but afterwards, I can’t remember (mostly songs when I’m driving). There are times when I wonder, will I ever be with someone…will he understand me?

      We’ll see.

      I loved your article. I need to read it again. For many reasons, I’d like more traffic.

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