Let Me Be Your Guide

This Saturday, I’ll be a part of an amazing event. I wasn’t sure what the event was going to entail, but after learning about it last Saturday, I HAVE to share it with you because it’s going to be AMAZING!!

Have you ever heard of an interactive show? Well, that’s the best short description that comes to mind. If I describe it well, I’ll see some of you there. If I don’t see you on this Saturday, I’ll know I “missed the mark” on explaining it to you.

Okay, here we go.

This is a performance of artists, where the audience has the option to interact as they go, or they have an option to sit and watch.

It will be held at a building near the Rock Church in Point Loma…two blocks away. Inside the building are many rooms, but we’ll be only using six of them. Let me explain.

Each room has a theme. The audience will be placed in groups with guides to take you through each room. I’m one of those guides and will be leading the green group.

Each guide has a different route to take, and in the end, we all end up in the same room. To explain further, I’ll take you through my route, and our first stop will be the Lebretto Room.

The Libretto Room: here, you’ll see words off a projection and will catch them on your paper, while listening to live music from a pianist; there will be a couple of animated “Italians” to help you through. Next, we experience the Ascension Chamber.

The Ascension Chamber: here, you will go up two flights of stairs, and on the landing between flights, there’ll be a drummer on a cajon to make a beat to YOUR walk up the stairs; every person will have a different rhythm. After that, we’ll join the Cloud Room.

The Cloud Room: here, you’ll discover clouds on a ceiling, projected by mirrors and the presence of an opera singer’s voice, lifting you higher; for this one, you’ll have a partner: one leads, while the other walks, as they watch the clouds on the ceiling…amazing! From there, we all become Divas!

The Diva Room: here, you’ll see three “Divas” in hoop skirts, three different stations, and a red carpet; as you catwalk the red carpet, you’ll have the chance to have your picture taken (and draw onit), join one of the Divas in a dancing video, and add your “sound” to a live DJ recording. Next will be the Buffa Room.

The Buffa Room: where else…an elevator; two by two will travel up and down with the engagement of a performer; it sounds so fun! At the end of our tour, we’ll be part of a Rock band.

The Rock Room: here, you’ll find a circle, the sound of dancing in sand, and a violinist; in front of you will be rocks with words and a bowl; as a word’s called out, you’ll add that rock to the bowl; afterwards, everyone swirls their rocks to create a sound. From there, we all join up in the Diva Room, and I can’t wait to hear the response!!

During the tour, everyone’s ENCOURAGED to have their cell phones out to capture, record, and post the moments that stand out to them.

I’ve never even “heard” of anything like this before and feel so honored to be a guide. If you can’t make it, I understand. If you won’t make it, you’ll be missing out!

$10.00 for early bird tickets…$15.00 at the door…PRICELESS memories!!

Here’s all the info.


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