A Breath of Thank You

If you know me, you know not much’s hidden. I’m (very much) an open book; although, being married now, I realize some things will be kept between us, but for the most part, you can still read right through me.

Remember how I’m not a fan of cleaning? Well, I don’t even “think” about yard work. It’s outside, in the back, and I’m inside. We get along great.

Well, there comes a time when EVERYTHING comes to light, and with moving, my backyard was brought to light. Something HAD to be done, so I’m now doing yard work.

My back yard: I’ve only pulled weeds on the left side. Maybe, I’ll remember to take a picture when it’s all done!

At first, Robert came to help me with the weed wacker. He worked on the lower lawn, while I “appeared” to be busy. That day, we (he) didn’t have time to finish, so he left the wacker here for another day.

On Tuesday night, I decided to tackle the yard with the weed wacker but started in front because it was easier, and as I was doing it, I noticed that it did just what it was supposed to do: whack weeds, but something very important was left behind: the roots. I was not happy.

When it came time (yesterday morning) to tackle the upper part of the back yard, I thought, “I don’t want to leave any roots. I’m going to pull them out, one by one.”

As I began to pull them out, I realized how thorough it was, but I also noticed all the things hidden in the shade they provided: spiders; bugs…gross stuff, and as I pulled the weeds out, they’d flee.

Hmm, I’m sure you know where this is going.

Sometimes, people have things that have taken “root” in them: bitterness; unforgiveness; neglect; abandonment; etc., and as they live through God’s heart, they notice these things are there.

Many times, those same people look for a “weed wacker” way to get through things, instead of dealing with them at the root.

There’s a spiritual healing available to all, where Jesus enters in and pulls things out by the root. You just have to let Him and believe.

As I was pulling weeds, I felt the earth thanking me, and I imagined how our bodies felt (or would feel), having “weeds” pulled from within.

And just like those bugs fled from being exposed, so does darkness!

As you can tell by the picture, I have a lot more to do (I only started on the left), so I’m going to get back out there, take care of the earth, and listen as the Holy Spirit teaches me some more!

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