I Wonder What the Bells Sound Like

Today is the first time (ever) that my kids aren’t excited for the first day of school, and it hurts all the mommy parts of my heart. Well, Carolyn’s a little excited, but that’s just so she can get out of the house.

New schools, no friends, new rules (and there’re A LOT of them), new pledge of allegiance (here, they have to pledge allegiance to the Texas flag, as well), new…everything.

Thankfully, we were blessed to get them new clothes, which was the only thing they got excited about. Life here’s just been very difficult, to say the least, but we each keep going.

There’s no telling what the end of the day will bring, but I’ll be ready to ask questions and listen to every part of their heart.

Carolyn and Nathan on their first day of school. I just found out that, yesterday, Nathan broke down crying (AGAIN). This move has been horrible for him.

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