it’s funny
what I’d vowed to God
I’ve let slip away

how I’d wanted to be treated
what I’d wanted for my kids
where I’d wanted us to live

I thought I’d listened
through God’s heart
but as I live through my choices
I stop and wonder

if what I valued is not there
was my trust in another
if this IS God’s heart
will it get better?

mental instability
emotional insecurity
spiritul immaturity
are tough to ignore
but as one who is love
I HAVE to believe
there is hope


2 thoughts on ““De-Mentions”

  1. Wow. Why does nobody come to support people at their difficult posts? I find the same thing at my blog — I talk about difficult stuff, and it falls on deaf ears. Well, I’m here. I can’t figure out yet how to delete the top half of this post I’m sending, so just realize that the bottom portion talks about hope. Hope is the mainstay of the Jewish religion. It’s why a poet wrote the Israeli national anthem, which she entitled “The Hope” (what else?). If we have life, than all kinds of options are available to us. If we have options, some may be good. Chances are good we might also end up with some of those good options, so that is something to look for/forward to, as we propel forward. I hope the link doesn’t bother you; I couldn’t figure cut and paste with just my phone.


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