Bouncing off the Walls

Last week, we went to Verizon to switch our phones over to Scott’s plan, and in doing so, we had to turn our old phones in for new ones. Who’d’ve thought Verizon would’ve broken my laughter free from prison.

As we were waiting for the sales rep, Scott and I were discussing (away from them) which phones the kids could pick from, and as we were about to tell them their options, Scott said, “Your mom said you don’t need phones,” which caused me to laugh a BIG laugh.

Immediately, every head in the store turned to look: some out of shock; some out of surprise; maybe some out of fear (my laugh scares people sometimes), and of course, Carolyn smiled, while covering her face, and Nathan smiled, as he sank a little lower. It felt good. Continue reading


The other evening, as I was on my walk, I looked to my right and saw the setting sun, looked to my left and saw the rising moon, thought of my friend who’s bipolar, and started praying for him. During that prayer, this poem began. #bipolar


the sun
setting on my right
the moon
rising to my left

two opposites
grabbing attention
two views
wanting to be seen

two poles
with one center

night and day
happy and sad
calm and irritable

is that what’s it like
to be bipolar?
do opposites fight
for attention?

the moon
and the sun
share the same sky

The Light Switch

My writing may be a little dark for awhile because I feel like I’m in a dark place. That’s part of the reason why I haven’t been writing. The other part was I couldn’t find my laptop in the trailer, where my life just sits, waiting to enter in to this new life I’m living (if you want to call it “living”).

One thing’s for sure: writing helps me A LOT. It’s just…now…I’m not the only book on the shelf to be opened.

Sowing Seeds at the Porn Convention

How do you put into words what went on at the porn convention? You can’t. How do you understand through a picture? You can’t, so if you really want to know about this weekend, ask God to explain what you read and see.

13177803_10206817559097157_602496495330420447_n (2)
This was the team for this year’s porn convention: (from left to right) Erik, Sheri, David, Janel, and me. May 14-15, 2016

Through each one of us on the team, so much went on, but to explain it’d be a challenge because, sometimes, it’s hard to put the heart into words, but from time to time, I’ll attempt to show you parts of mine. Continue reading

“All That Matters”


it’s easy to look back
at the mother I
but when I see my reflection
I see the mother I
I’m a good mom
and love my kids so

when I see parents act
the way “I” used to
my heart aches

I pray for those
who resemble
what I “used” to be