Packing Every Gift

Last night, the team that’s going to the porn convention next week gathered at my house to pack every gift that will be given out. Trust me: it’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it because we know who they’re going to and we know Who they’re from, and through the packing wells excitement.

At the porn convention, we don’t see what’s barely there in the flesh; we see what’s lost in the spirit, and we take back the territory the enemy stole. We won’t focus on the demons who run it. We’ll focus on the One who loves them through it: Jesus. With everyone we meet, we’ll speak life, redemption, hope, love, restoration, new beginnings, and freedom. And until we run out, each precious person will receive a gift.

The men's bags are the white ones filled with a book, our contact information, and some candy.
The men’s bags are the white ones filled with a book, our contact information, and some candy.

For the women, in every gift there is a pink bible, a devotional book, our contact information, a love letter from God, a lip gloss, a lotion, some candy, and a pink compact mirror with the words “You are precious in His sight” on the front, so while they’re there and after they leave, they will have this compact in their purse, on the ‘set,’ wherever they’re at, and when they grab it to see their reflection, they’ll read the cover and be reminded that they are precious in HIS sight.

The other day, the first emotion from seeing the mirror was expressed. My fifteen year old daughter, Carolyn, has not encountered her own relationship with Jesus yet, and on the day I was baptized, pastor Rob Starck prayed over her and gave her a word from God. In that word, God called her “Precious.” When I showed her the mirror, she started to cry; she remembered that word, how God loves her, how He sees her; it touched her so deeply, so I have no doubt that these mirrors will touch the lives of many forever.

This is only part.
This is only part.

All of these gifts were packed through God’s heart and received the anointing of Kingdom living. Salvation isn’t a prayer to get to heaven. Salvation is total restoration of your body and soul. Salvation aligns your spirit with the Spirit of the living God and covers you in the Love of Jesus. We’re excited to see lives change.

A couple years ago, we had an adoption party at JC’s Girls. I wonder if that was prophetic act of what’s to come next weekend: sons and daughters coming to life in the Kingdom and walking away in freedom.

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