Compelled Beyond Pain

Yesterday, before church, I received a message from a friend, asking how my foot was. The simple question caused tears to pour out because, some days, it feels worse than others, even after three weeks, and yesterday was one of those worse days, and to be totally honest, I’m tired of still having a wound.
Of course, one tear over a hurt foot caused a domino effect of emotions from loneliness to struggle and everything in between…hence my poetry yesterday morning. After amazing time with God, I headed to church, which held emotions of its own, but that’s for another post.
After I returned home from church, I knew I needed to clean my foot again but, this time, went into the bedroom because I knew it was going to hurt. Sure enough, I was right.

For the first time in three weeks, I cried because of the pain. As I was cleaning it out, I could barely stand to look at it but new I had to to be thorough. I was so glad I hid that visible pain from the kids. Afterward, they knew, but I didn’t want to worry them during. Once I was done with my foot, Nathan and I left for a reception.
Shortly after leaving the house, I spotted two young men struggling to push a broken down vehicle up the incline of a driveway. I didn’t even hesitate to stop and help. I pulled over, ran over to them, helped pushed the car up the driveway, and headed on my way. As soon as I pulled away, I experienced tremendous pain throughout my ankle, in the cut and throughout the bone. I totally forgot about my ankle!
As I was driving with this new pain, I realized how the love of Jesus compelled me to help beyond what I thought I was capable of. If I had thought of my foot, I would’ve driven by and prayed they’d make it up the incline, but since my heart was hidden in Jesus, there was no thought of pain at all, and that made me think of praying for people on the street.
Some have asked me, “How do you pray for people on the street?” In the beginning, it was very awkward, especially if someone said no, but through teachings and friends, I learned (and am learning) how to push past all that and just love.
As I thought about my foot, I realized how the love of Jesus compels you past the point of awkward, past the point of pain, past the response of someone saying no to prayer. It’s being compelled by His love that will take you beyond…into the reality of heaven.
In reality, my foot is improving, I’m just impatient. Because of where the abrasion is located, it may take awhile to heal, but as long as I’ll be better by the triathlon in October, I’ll be okay.
The reception was amazing, but that, also, is for another post.

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