My Affections

The beauty of writing is ‘who cares if no one reads it,’ but sometimes, it’s difficult to get to that place. This is just a pouring out of my heart, so if you don’t want to hear it, scroll on.

As I type this, a hummingbird flew by my window and hovered. I wonder what its cares are. I look back at my screen and think of social media…much more different.

Because I’ve been blogging, I’ve been reading, and I’ve noticed some things along the way. I’ve noticed that websites that write about sex have a lot of followers and have noticed that spiritualism has about the same. There are many things to write about, many ways to manipulate readers to draw attention to your site, but I remain in this place of writing what’s in my heart, which tends to not draw a lot of attention.

But I don’t write to draw attention. I write to draw on my affection. Where my heart pulls, my hands write. I think that’s why I love to read poetry so much: it’s from the writer’s heart.

There’s one writer in particular…every time I read this man’s poems, I cry. Not only does he write from his heart, but also writes in a way that touches mine and probably hundreds of others. It’s rather amazing.

I love the world of writing, of blogging, of poetry, of WordPress. Most of the time, it’s non-judgmental and just a place where you can be real all the time.

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