“Embracing Discovery”

about love

they said
‘you’ll know’
but I didn’t know
until I knew

for everyone
it’s different
for me
it was a hug
that embraced
my heart

how do you let go
of something so real

I questioned
I cried
I listened to God
and asked my love
to marry me

love is looking
into the eyes of your husband
across the way
wanting to climb over the table
to get to him
but you don’t
because you know
he’s not going anywhere

now I know
and can tell others
‘you’ll know’
and then watch them
not know
until they know

7 thoughts on ““Embracing Discovery”

    1. And boy, DID I!! I flew out, asked him to marry me, married him three days later, and can’t wait to get back to him!! He owns a house in Texas, so after I get everything squared away here in San Diego, I’ll be started my life out there! ๐Ÿ˜€

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